About Faktura

Faktura is a fine jewelry house rooted in the idea that intelligence exists in style just as it does in everyday life. The house celebrates women who are informed, curious, complex, and creatively liberated. We embrace the modern, the thoughtful, the playful.

Our process is different: we make every piece entirely by hand and only when ordered, allowing our clients to personalize our lines, or work with us for something bespoke. Nothing is ever machined or built in bulk. Faktura takes pleasure in carefully sourced materials shaped by the most skilled goldsmiths — executing restrained, intelligent, and modern designs that can be worn every day, over a lifetime. The story of each made-to-order piece is deepened over the years by the life of the woman who wears it. 

All pieces use reclaimed precious metals. We purchase Canadian diamonds exclusively and always the highest quality available at every size stone. Our jewelry is made and set by California-based master goldsmiths — all of whom are women — and Swiss-trained stonesetters.